2018 Winter Back to School

Pricing valid on orders placed December 1 – 31, 2018
(Can request ship dates up to January 31, 2019)


Dear Valued Partner,

Winter season is a time of great change here in New England. The days are short, snow covers the ground and we invariably turn inwards. We spend more time in the comfort of our homes with our families and our loved ones.

I’ve often thought that this might be the bigger reason why we see a spike in sales during this promotional period, rather than just the second semester of classes. People come together and often times create, as a way of expression during the season.

Whatever the reason may be, there is an extra urgency to this year’s Winter promotion. It signals the last and best chance to buy before the new year’s pricing takes effect. This year is different than any other that I’ve seen as there are massive increases from many vendors across the board on items affected by the tariff increase with China.

Seems worrisome, but don’t fret – our products were unaffected by this, as even our novice-level Talens Art Creation products are crafted in the Netherlands on the same machines as Rembrandt and Amsterdam.

So you have a choice this season as a buyer or shop owner. Are you going to bulk up on product that is going to be priced out of the market next year, or is this your chance to give your customers a break on price and a better quality product?

To me the choice is clear.

So, put some hot cocoa on and grab some great deals on product that you can feel proud of selling, and don’t forget to bulk up on your standard items from us which have a modest increase such as Amsterdam Acrylics – the best selling Acrylic paint on the market and Ecoline Liquid Watercolors, one of the hottest products in 2018 in the creative industry.

Then take some time for yourself and create something with your loved ones and see how it brings us all together and brings warmth on even the coldest, snowiest of days.

Warm Regards,

Kyle Richardson, Vice President, Royal Talens North America

Pricing valid on orders placed December 1 – 31, 2018
(Can request ship dates up to January 31, 2019)

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