2019: the year of rembrandt



2019 promises to be a remarkable year for both Royal Talens and our partner, the Rijksmuseum. We will be celebrating the anniversary of one of the worlds most revered painters, the legendary Rembrandt van Rijn, painter of the iconic masterpiece, The Night Watch.

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, home of The Night Watch, celebrates the Year of Rembrandt, who lived 350 years ago, with a calendar full of activities and exhibitions, dedicated to the greatest master of the Dutch Golden Age.

United in name, we in turn will be celebrating 120 years for our marquee brand, Rembrandt, with an equally full calendar of events and promotions.

Please join us, for what will be a magnificent celebration of Dutch art and artistic heritage!

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  • Create an energetic retail environment around the celebration of Rembrandt’s 350th Anniversary.

  • Build consumer excitement about Rembrandt Oils, Pastels and Water Colors that will drive traffic to retail stores.

  • Customers will have the opportunity to try products and learn techniques associated with Rembrandt.

  • Increase associate product knowledge.

  • Increase customer traffic and sales during promotional periods and at events.

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  • Staff Training

  • In-Store Promotional Materials

  • Marketing Support

  • Product Samples

  • Product Demonstrations

  • Workshops

  • Special Guest Ambassador Events

  • Contest – Trip to Amsterdam and the Rijksmuseum

  • National College & University Outreach


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