Amsterdam Pouring Medium


Paint pouring- An exciting trend that continues to flourish within the DIY scene and as a popular hashtag on social media. This is because of how easy it is to create stunning, vibrant pieces of art using this method. Amsterdam has created a special Pouring Medium to meet this demand and it works perfectly with our Acrylic Inks!

Amsterdam Pouring Medium is a fluid acrylic medium designed for pouring techniques. It is self-leveling and leaves a flexible glossy film which prevents crazing or cracking. The medium is colorless and is waterproof once dry.

Amsterdam pouring medium can be mixed with acrylic paint and ink, adding the medium changes the viscosity. Mix it till you have a syrup like consistency for an ideal pouring mixture.

Amsterdam pouring medium can be used for the popular technique cell pouring. Achieve the best effect by adding a small amount of Amsterdam Acrylic Binder and silicone oil to the pouring mixture. This is a more experimental technique of pouring, therefore it is best to experiment to see which recipe works best for your specific purpose.


  • Dries colorless, transparent, flexible and waterproof with a high degree of gloss

  • Can be used pure or colored with acrylic paint or acrylic ink

  • Thinnable with water

  • For a thicker consistency acrylic binder can be added

  • Careful stirring prevents air bubbles

  • Use at temperatures above 10°C

  • Store frost-free

Amsterdam Pouring Medium is available in 250ml (Item No. 24303014) and 1000ml (Item No. 24323014) bottles.

Below is a quick, easy & fun project with the Amsterdam Acrylic Inks and Pouring Medium done by our Art Education Director Jeff Olson!