Royal Talens on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland

I'll admit, I was just a bit nervous. It helped that my boss was next to me and maybe he was a little more nervous than I was. As we walked on set and began getting prepared for meeting Business Mogul and former model, Kathy Ireland, the nerves settled and the three of us, myself, Jeff Olson and Ronald Benning, picked up with our normal joking, passionate discussion and general art geekery that we have become so used to.

In an effort to reach a broader audience of art enthusiasts, we decided to boldly do something that we haven't tried yet. We were approached to speak about the art community, our products, our passion and our vision as a company on the TV show, Modern Living with Kathy Ireland.

The show is broadcast to over 250 million households worldwide, in over 100 countries. The show's producers approached us to find out what makes our company unique in the creative material space. We decided to focus on our products, our culture, what we're proud of and the artists who we serve. Offsite video pieces were pre-arranged both at New York Comic Con and also with some elite Plein Air Painters in Sun Valley Idaho.

We hope in this segment, that we were able to paint the picture, so to speak of the impact that our company has and the truly remarkable world that our products and people touch. The segment will run again in September and then 2 more times in 2020, bringing the message of our Royal company and the art world to a whole new segment of the population.

So, sit back and enjoy the 8 minute show that we've created to support, educate and inspire a broad scope of new customers. Feel free to share this video on social media as well. For those who are curious, Kathy was warm and engaging in the interview and the whole team made the experience a lot of fun for all of us.