Rembrandt Watercolor Line Extension

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Discover the revolutionary new colors

Paint manufacturer Royal Talens proudly presents the renewed Rembrandt watercolor assortment! With an extension to a total of 120 colors and a range of color improvements, Rembrandt now offers a rich and versatile palette with as many mono-pigmented colors as possible. A team of lab technicians, specialists and international artists worked on this project for more than two years.

What exactly is new and improved?

46 colors have been added and 38 of these have been formulated based on only one pigment. Thanks to that pure recipe, the colors are particularly brilliant and easy to mix into clear and clean mixing colors. A new range of reds and violets complements the colour range perfectly and with the addition of opaque white and oxyd black (a granulating black) beautiful mixing colors and effects can be achieved.

Colors with special effects have also been added, each with a special characteristic.

  • Dusk colors are formulated on the basis of a granulating black and a clear transparent colour, creating a unique granulating color with dark granulation and a vibrant, even undertone.

  • Metallic colors look like a layer of precious metal in which the light reflects.

  • Interference colors have a uniform glow that is comparable to mother-of-pearl, with which surprising effects and highlights can be applied.

  • Chameleon colors change color as soon as your viewing position or the light in your work changes.

  • Spark colors shine like a night sky with an irregular shine that results from the subtle differences in the size of the reflective pigment particles.

The 46 new Rembrandt watercolors


A total of 18 colors from the existing range have been improved. All cadmium colors and azo yellows are now mono-pigmented. We have also succeeded in finding better pigments for existing colors, which has improved their characteristics (503 - French Ultramarine, 231 – Gold ochre, 682 - Cobalt Turquoise) and three colors have changed slightly (535 - Ceruleum blue phtalo, 701 - Ivory black, 702 - Lamp black).

You can find an overview of all colors in the digital version of the new watercolor brochure. In it you will also find an interesting interview with Julia Barminova, in which she explains why she uses Rembrandt to paint the photorealistic watercolors she makes of harbours and seas.

The new range will be available in 2020 at fine art shops near you! For now keep a lookout for our NEW 12-PAN METAL TIN SETS which will be available starting in October just in time for the holiday season!

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