Art Ambassador Program Updates

Written by Jeff Olson, Royal Talens North America Art Education Director

We at Royal Talens often refer to the inspirational quality of our products. For more than 100 years now we have been developing high-quality brands.  The worldwide recognition that our brands enjoy is credited in no small part to the support of professional artists and art enthusiasts throughout the world. We are continually inspired not only by the wonderful work created, but also by the immense loyalty of the artists whose passion for quality materials has made Royal Talens a trusted brand for generations.

This loyalty is made manifest through our well recognized Ambassador program. What began as an informal arrangement between a small group of talented artists and Royal Talens North America, has evolved to be an exceptional and rewarding enterprise, and for many years now, has brought together over thirty accomplished professional artists and Royal Talens, with the goal of engaging, informing and encouraging continuing generations in the arts.

To build on the success of this program in 2019 we are planning to unveil several exciting Ambassador initiatives that will place Royal Talens at the forefront of the industry. Through the input of our core group of Ambassadors, whose feedback has been and will be the primary driver for growth, we will be embracing key initiatives focused on diversity, education, and outreach.

Royal Talens has always partnered with artists of the highest caliber and integrity. Artists who have a sincere commitment to art practice and education. In year ahead, we will be seeking to increase our Ambassador rolls with more like-minded individuals whose enthusiasm, experience, and expertise, and above all willingness to share knowledge with aspiring artists, make them the ideal emissaries for the brand.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our newest 2019 Ambassadors; Gregory Burns, Dena Peterson, Carol Arnold, Kathleen Dunphy and Johanne Mangi. We recognize each of these artists for their immense talent and accomplishments and look forward to partnering with them as we work together to facilitate and stimulate creative expression, build a greater understanding of the variety and potential that quality fine art tools and materials can have in producing exciting and meaningful artwork. (Learn more about these artists through the links below.)

The Ambassador program is the marquee of our newly initiated Art Education program, which in turn, evolved as a result of the success of the Ambassador program. The general activities include custom designed tutorials, classes, workshops and product knowledge training for enthusiasts, students, professional artists and our retail partners. The benefits of our educational program include hands on experience with a wide variety of materials. Ultimately the result is a greater confidence in the use of the materials and an improved vocabulary when sharing the knowledge acquired. This in turn inspires greater creativity and further exploration.

Our Ambassadors will be a highly visible element in our expanding outreach.  2019 is the year of Rembrandt. There will be celebrations throughout the Netherlands commemorating this artist’s incredible legacy both in the arts and to the cultural heritage of Holland. Royal Talens will be embracing this opportunity by celebrating and recognizing the long-standing success of our heritage brand Rembrandt. Our Ambassadors will play a key role in this event, with a select group being highlighted for their accomplishments as artists and as being heirs to this great tradition. Ambassadors will also be featured at other major events including NAMTA, PACE, OPA. We will also be looking to integrate our Ambassadors into significant national, regional and local promotional events with our retail partners.

The Ambassador program at its core it is a shared pledge between the artist and Royal Talens. It transcends solely being a brand champion. It is a mutually beneficial relationship devoted to participating in the development of top-quality innovative products and to encourage individual art practice. For the art community at large, we hope to create a resource that will help to kindle and sustain creative endeavor for continued generations to come.

Learn more about our Ambassadors and the Ambassador program by visiting

Our newest 2019 Ambassadors: Greg Burns,; Dena Peterson,; Carol Arnold,; Kathleen Dunphy,; and Johanne Mangi,

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