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Van Gogh Immersion with Dena Peterson

I recently returned from my first trip to visit the places where Vincent Van Gogh lived and painted in France. I was invited by Sue Ann Hum of My Art Trip to teach for her Van Gogh Immersion trip. Royal Talens donated Cobra Oil Paints to the students of the trip so that they could try oil painting.

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Meet Justin Vining

This month’s featured artist, Justin Vining, draws inspiration from rural America and has become fascinated with the disappearance of small family farms that once dominated the American Landscape. Royal Talens North America Vice President Kyle Richardson sat down with Justin to talk inspiration, projects, and Royal Talens products.

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Darryl Funk - Finding Cobra

There is nothing like the feel of taking a brush and moving Cobra oils across a freshly primed canvas. As a matter of fact, I sometimes forget about the image and just watch the paint as it glides gently across the substrate, blending with the other colours so effortlessly. It so happens that my experience with oils wasn't always that way.

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Meet Ryan Bradley

New York-based artist Ryan Bradley is best known for his photo-realistic style as expressed through his intricate, pastel renderings of the female form, which are adorned and embellished through elaborately complex patterns and florals. Royal Talens North America Vice President Kyle Richardson sat down with Ryan to talk technique, medium, and of course, Royal Talens products.

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