Van Gogh Watercolors: New for 2019

Van Gogh has just unveiled 32 new colours for the modern watercolourist. This expansion includes specialty colours in metalllic, interference and dusk and brings the line up to 72 colours. Van Gogh also proudly introduces the first black fine art paper on the market suitable for watercolour.

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2019 NAMTA Recap

Thank y'all for a great time at NAMTA in San Antonio!  For those who came by our booth to see all of our 315 new items this year, thank you!  We know it's a lot to absorb- so we've put together a recap!

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Dear Marten: Cobra Dry Time

Dear Marten, I have an acrylic background and am used to paints drying very quickly. I am currently using an introductory COBRA set, and am somewhat puzzled at the extremely slow drying time. How many days would you say it takes to "dry" ?

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Dear MartenRoyal Talens
See you at NAMTA 2019!

We're excited to welcome you all to NAMTA 2019 in San Antonio, TX.  Royal Talens North America will have a new version of our award winning booth this year at location 911.  We have two major announcements at the booth this year.

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Featured StoryRoyal Talens
A Note From Kyle: 2018 Retrospective

What a year 2018 has turned out to be! In our third year in operation, we saw many significant changes in the industry and with our small company. It's remarkable how these major events and milestones build in such a short amount of time. When I look back at what this year has brought, I'm simply astonished.. .

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Notes from KyleRoyal Talens